tools to help your child with learning difficulties

tools to help your child with learning difficulties

The Love of Learning Begins in Preschool

Alexandre Côté

It may be possible to convince a college or high school student that even something boring can be beneficial to learn. Young kids may feel as if their math class is going to ruin their lives, but once they reach a certain level of maturity and understanding, they can usually be encouraged to do what is necessary to get through it. Children are not quite that easily convinced when they're three, however. They are unlikely to listen to anything rational. This is why it is important to choose preschools that offer programs that will excite them. Otherwise the morning routine will become a haze of tantrums and tears, and some of them may actually come from the child. Here are some factors to consider when looking for a preschool:

Short Instructional Periods

The average attention span of a preschool-aged child is about 15 minutes. This means classes must be kept short or the children will lose their focus, which leads to frustration for both the instructor and the children, and the potential for discipline or chaos will grow. This can lead to little ones disliking the school they are attending. Ask about the daily schedule and how long each instructional period will last before the child is registered.

Inclusion of Artistic Endeavors

Numerous source explain the value of creative activities for children. Music, art, and dance all help children to express themselves and develop valuable skills they will use throughout their educational experience. Children do not care about the intellectual benefits, of course. They like dancing, singing, and coating themselves with paint and glue just for the fun of it. They also love creating something they can bring home, show off, and give to someone they love. Choose schools that value art classes and devote time every day to these types of lessons. It will provide each child with numerous skills while also making the day enjoyable to them. 

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes in a preschool make it easier for children to get the individual attention they need. Teachers are temporary caregivers to young children, and every child likes to have their caregiver's attention as much as possible. A small class size will also typically reduce the activity and noise level each child experiences. This is important to many young children who may become overwhelmed when they are in the middle of a large group of children. 

Allowance of Free Time

The schedule of a small child should not be planned minute by minute. When children are allowed free time each day, they have the opportunity to relax and learn additional skills. This is the point where they will be able to socialize and build their communication skills with their classmates. It is also when they will use their imaginations and move their bodies. Play time is important to children, and these breaks can be helpful in burning excess energy and enabling them to relax and pay attention to their lessons. 

What children feel about their preschool years can carry forward when they enter elementary school and possibly beyond. Children who have thrived in preschool and enjoyed their time in the classroom will more likely be excited about the prospect of moving up. Children who have dreaded every preschool day may feel unenthusiastic about continuing in school. It is not enough to send a child to just any safe or acceptable preschool. Parents must be aware of how the school teaches and how attuned they are to childhood behaviors and needs. Start your search for the right preschool by contacting an establishment like Family Ties Child Center.


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tools to help your child with learning difficulties

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