tools to help your child with learning difficulties

tools to help your child with learning difficulties

Reading The End Times Book

Alexandre Côté

When it comes to the Bible, there are some people who read it in its entirety, then there are those who prefer to read the New Testament only and others who focus on Revelations, which has to do with the end times. Each one offers something specific that readers may be looking forward to learning about. Here are some of the reasons why a person may come to the conclusion that reading the whole Bible or just certain parts of the Bible is the right choice for them.

Why many read the whole Bible

Many people opt to read the entire Bible because they want to develop a strong relationship with Christ, and they feel by knowing as much as possible about the development of the world from day one all the way to the end of the world is important for them to become a knowledgeable follower. They may also feel reading the entire Bible is something they need to do in order to know fully what is expected of them as a true believer and follower of Christ.

Why many read the New Testament

There are many who believe the expectations set forth by the Old Testament was replaced with the birth of Christ in which the New Testament came to be. There are laws in the Old Testament that the New Testament quashed. For example, in the Old Testament one is instructed not to eat anything from the sea that does not have fins or scales. This would include shellfish, but many Christians today have no problem eating shellfish. This is because it is not a law of the New Testament. Also, in the old testament one could not wear mixed fabrics, this is not made an issue in the New Testament.

Why many read about the end times

There are many who prefer to read Revelations, which is about the end times. There are many reasons why someone may choose this as the only part of the Bible that they read. In fact, there are books that focus on the end times. People are intrigued with the language used to describe the end times. Also, others may not consider themselves followers of Christ, but they are interested to learn how the Bible describes the end times. Some may have already read the Bible, but they are now mostly interested in what they can expect because they feel the end times are near or already here, and want to learn more from a bible prophecy end times book.


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tools to help your child with learning difficulties

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