tools to help your child with learning difficulties

tools to help your child with learning difficulties

Tips For Getting Your Children To Read More At Home

Alexandre Côté

If you would like to see your children start reading more at home, whether they are 10 or 16, because even 16 year old's are still your children, you will need to take action. Otherwise, they might not pick up historical nonfiction books about women on their own. They might opt to simply play more video games. Therefore, if you want to get them to pick up more books at home, you will want to read through and apply the following advice.

Find Books They Can Relate Too

A good way to get your children to read more is to find subject matters that they might be able to relate to the most. For example, if you have daughters, you might want to get them some historical nonfiction boos about women that they look up to. If they already have an interest in that person, they will be more likely to want to learn more about them. Also, many feel that getting children, of ALL ages, to learn more about historical women can help them learn more about how much of a difference that they too can make in the world.

Read With Them

You can get the same book for both you and your child and then create your own mini-book club. Explain to your child that you will be reading the same book as them and assign a chapter or two each week. The more advanced of a reader your child is, the more chapters you can assign in a given week. Then, at the end of that week, the two of you will sit down and discuss everything that you read. This can be not only encouraging for your child, but if can be a very nice way to have some bonding time with them. After reading one book about famous women throughout history, select another one to read.

Encourage Them With Bribes

Not everyone likes to use bribery in child-rearing, but it can be useful in certain situations. If all else has failed and you are desperate to get your child to read, you can try bribing them with a  or a night out at the movies with their friends for every book that they finish. The goal is that after a while, they will begin to enjoy reading so much that they will not need a bribe anymore.

The sooner you start making use of the tips found here, the sooner your children will be likely to start reading more. Even if they only start reading an hour a day and spend the rest of their free time doing other things, that is a vast improvement for a lot of kids in today's world. Just a little bit of reading can really go a long way when it comes to improving their grades and improving their comprehension skills.

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tools to help your child with learning difficulties

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