tools to help your child with learning difficulties

tools to help your child with learning difficulties

3 Ways Books About Reading Help Children Learn Faster

Alexandre Côté

Reading books to children at any age is an ideal way to build their foundation for reading, learning, and creating a rich vocabulary. When children learn to read, you want to build a foundation that increases their confidence and provides them with the steps to really build a strong foundation and knowledge to move on to longer books and more text.

When you purchase a book on learning to read, the book designs feature specific details to help a child read and get through the process faster. Learn the tools these books need and how the purchase of a learning-to-read book can make a big difference in your child's education.

1. Repetitive Word Use 

Along with sounding out words, memorization and recognition of words will make a big difference as well. A learning-to-read book often features repetitive words to help a child build up recognition in a single book. Pages may feature the same words and sentence structure on each page with different endings.

For example, a book could feature "The dog sat on the couch." On the next page, the sentence could read "The dog sat on the carpet". The use of repetitive words allows a child to process each word and eventually learn them. The story structure often focuses on repetitive words rather than a deep plot.

2. Word Font Choice & Layout

While many children's books use multiple colors and whimsical fonts to match character designs, a learning-to-read book takes a more basic approach. The books will feature a basic font design layout that features bold letters and easy-to-read fonts. The fonts often feature straight letters with sharp angles so children do not get confused.

The easy-to-read fonts will help a child sound out words, process sentences, and get through the book faster. Once they learn to read, they can move on to books with different font choices and have much more knowledge as they learn to sound out words.

3. More Context Clues

A book on learning to read will often feature illustrations, but those illustrations showcase a more literal representation of the text. The drawings offer context clues and help a child expand their reading knowledge. For example, a book may feature the line "The girl ate ice cream." and showcase a girl eating ice cream.

Pictures help a child piece words together and will build their confidence as they go through each page.

Take time to choose the best books for children's reading. Books can make a big difference in their reading skills and make them want to learn more.


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tools to help your child with learning difficulties

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