tools to help your child with learning difficulties

tools to help your child with learning difficulties

  • 3 Features To Look For When Choosing A New Classroom Management Book For The Upcoming Year

    Whether about setting limits in the classroom, dealing with challenging students, or helping kids adjust to the first weeks of school, the classroom management textbooks you decide to invest in for the coming year are sure to meet your needs and expectations as long as they offer the features outlined here. 1. Customizable Lesson Plan Outlines One important feature the management textbook you decide to utilize for your classroom should include is customizable lesson outlines.

  • Tired Of Dealing With Performance Anxiety? What You Can Do About It

    Anxiety is something that really isn't understood by many people. It's hard to categorize an ailment that plays out so differently in every person's life. Here, you have an individual who is smart and confident with friends and family but who instantly clams up at the thought of having to deliver a presentation at work or get on stage to act out a play at school. If you're fed up with having your own life and opportunities impacted because of performance anxiety, here are a few tips so you can try to remedy the problem.

  • Are You Helping Your Child To Learn How To Read?

    Don't you think that watching a child learn how to read is almost miraculous? Your child might be learning how to read without you even realizing it. For example, each time you go to a particular fast food restaurant, your child is probably taking note of the logo in the front of the restaurant. Later on, when he or she sees an advertisement for that same fast food restaurant, don't be surprised if your child says, Look, there's - and then names the restaurant.

  • Who Influences What Is Taught in a High School History Class?

    When you look at a typical high school history curriculum, you might wonder why some topics are covered and not others. Local governments play the greatest role in what high school students learn in a typical history class. Also, textbook publishers influence what topics make their way into public school history curriculum.  Typical Subjects Covered A typical curriculum will cover important figures and events, as well as political, social, economic, and cultural developments.

  • The 411 On Bullying: 4 Different Types Of This Common Behavior

    Many children face ridicule and name-calling at school and in other social situations. However, this behavior has become a more serious and dangerous problem for children, teens, and adults. Considering one out of every four students report a bullying problem, your child may also face a bully at one point in time at school. Thankfully, understanding this behavior can help determine if your child is dealing with a bully. If you are a parent who wants to protect your child, consider using this guide to understand the 4 types of bullying.

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    tools to help your child with learning difficulties

    My son is sixteen years old and has never had an easy time learning. He seems to have a very hard time retaining the information that his teachers have helped him absorb. One of his teachers pointed us in the direction of additional learning supplies to help him retain the information a lot better. I bought a few items to see if he would be able to pick things up a little better and was shocked at the difference. If you have a child that has a hard time learning, this blog can help you find the tools that you need to help your child succeed.